A classic upgrade to the digital age

Our campaign pages support ticket sales to consumer and business customers. In the autumn of 2014, we produced the Opera Little Christmas campaign around the hashtag #oopperanpikkujoulut. In spring 2015, we published three campaign pages; To introduce the Ovelakettu Opera, the VIP packages for the opera and the autumn performances presentation.

For autumn 2015, we shot and produced a video that was used on the campaign page. Based on this, we also made a fairy-tale television ad. The overspeed filming was made with Inuits' own Red One filming equipment. By post-production, we created a delicate underwater world, the campaign pages are HTML5 pages that use modern browser technologies. The structure of the pages is designed to be modular, and by reusing the components it is easy to duplicate the corresponding pages.

Art Director: Anu Lehto, www.anuteresa.com
TV spot production: Inuits, filming and post-production Markus Tamminen
Technical implementation of campaign pages: Inuits
Copywriter: Sami Korjus, www.samikorjus.com