Milli - Primary school mathematics book series

Inuits designed and implemented an animation trailer for Sanomapro’s new primary school  mathematics book series. The animation aimed at primary school teachers was made for pre-marketing of the book series, in the spirit of a teaser. For the production of the video, pictures of the colourful world of the book were introduced. The animation highlighted the numerous possibilities for illustrating the calculations.

In our second video, Juha Koivusalo, one of the Milli series illustrators, tells about the creation of artwork, his own style of illustration and the development of the characters in the book. In order to enliven the interview video, the video capture of the artwork was added to the screen to the left of Juha during edit.

The third animated video is the presentation of the Milli series, which introduces the structure of the books and introduces the different types of tasks and new digital material of the new teaching material. Kristina Vahvaselkä was the spokesperson for both the teaser video and the product demonstration video.

For the fourth video, we were able to film the first reactions of the lower secondary school students in Helsinki when they received the new maths book.